Glucon-D and Chocolate Distribution to primary school students

As Mother Teresa said,

  “We sometimes feel that what we do is just a drop in the ocean, but the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.” 

We feel that our efforts are like those little drops that will not let the ocean of love and compassion dry. May we continue to work for a better tomorrow and eventually fill the world with sunshine.

This is exactly did by our youth like Debapratim Pattanayak and his friends.  They made use of their  small money  by doing some fruitful activities like Distributing Health drinks like Glucon D and Chocholate among school kid of Dompara Primary School and  Elakay Sromik School What else one can expect from our youths. This initiative will motivate others to do something for the society. This is our responsibility to spread more awareness amongst all the students. Here are few pics of the events. 

Nayabasan Dompara Primary School Google Map Location and Photos

Elakay Sromik Primary School Photos

List of people who were involved in those events


Gopiballavpur is a village, with a police station, in Gopiballavpur I Block in Jhargram subdivision of Jhargram district of West Bengal, India. The town is on the banks of the Subarnarekha River near the Jharkhand and Orissa borders. An Ecopark has been newly constructed in the town by the bank of the river Subarnarekha to attract people.

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